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ROMA AMOR started with "Ben Hur." The treachery! The sea battle! The chariot race!

As the oldest kid in an Air Force family, I'd also had an opportunity to see things the Romans built that have lasted over 2,000 years—roads, aqueducts, temples, theaters. They popularized central heating, public baths, underground sewers, and local elections; they traded as far away as India, China, and sub-Saharan Africa, and the legions enforced a peace that would not be restored for millennia. We may equal the Romans' feats of engineering today, but we sure can't match their long-term planning.

What if...?
But what if something had happened that stopped the Pax Romana in its tracks? Something like... having a young, untrained, and unbalanced ruler during the precarious transition from Republic to Empire? It actually happened. Caligula's instability might have tipped the Roman world into chaos if not for a few principled men like Marcus Carinna, who makes his debut as a young self-doubting ex-tribune in ROMA AMOR.

Honing the craft
I've been a writer all my professional life—first on a New York magazine, then at an advertising agency, and eventually as owner of my own financial writing business. Several years ago I reconnected with "money therapist" Olivia Mellan at a college reunion. Our collaboration since then has produced more than 200 magazine articles and five books about money psychology. I've also assisted retired CEO Le Herron with an unusual book about leadership.

Along the way, years of research helped me develop a plot weaving historical personages and events into a story about Caligula's Rome that might have happened. While absorbing information from scores of reference books, I've walked on Roman roads, stood on the Palatine Hill where Caligula was murdered, and explored the Danube frontier from the site of the long-gone legion fortress of Carnuntum.

And now...
I'm now working on Book 2 of ROMA AMOR from my office in a barn in a coastal Maine village, surrounded by Rome-related artifacts and pictures.

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Absolutely! To order a personally inscribed book for yourself or a friend, just visit the ordering page.

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