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Book Review: Philip Matyszak's THE SERVANT OF APHRODITE

March 15, 2017 | from Sherry Christie's blog

What a treat! This novel is a sequel to The Gold of Tolosa, the first book of the adventures of Lucius Panderius, ex-soldier, Roman brothel owner, and client of the future dictator Lucius Sulla. In THE SERVANT OF APHRODITE, Panderius is back in Rome running his establishment, which specializes in German girls, after a stint undercover in the household of one of Sulla’s political foes. Sulla is duly grateful to him, and Panderius returns to his business feeling that all will be well. Mere days later, people start trying to kill him. But who? And why? Quick-witted and caustically funny, Panderius sets out to discover what’s going on. 

Matyszak’s light touch, expert pacing, and thorough knowledge of Roman life make THE SERVANT OF APHRODITE a highly enjoyable story. Don’t miss the courtroom scene!

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