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A novel of Caligula's Rome

Introducing a new novel about the young Roman Empire's darkest secret...

Marcus Carinna longs to prove his courage by leading legions against Rome's enemies. Instead, his ambitious father orders him home to serve the man who was his brother's closest friend. But Marcus can't forget how his brother died, accused of treason. Or that the friend who didn't try to save him was Caligula Caesar, now master of Rome.

  • "A splendid grasp of what it must have been like to live in Rome under Caligula’s reign."

    — Agatha winner and New York Times Notable author Sarah Smith

  • “Right up there with some of my favorite authors in the same genre like
    Kate Quinn and Ben Kane. I loved it!”

    -- Bookfever

  • "A page-turning saga that revisits
    heroes and villains of the grandest city of the ancient world…. Comes alive with the long-gone characters who were its lifeblood."

    — Kirkus Reviews

  • "A complete page turner… I found myself reading until 2 or 3 in the morning sometimes, unable to put it down."

    — Historical Fiction Obsession

Novel "Roma Amor" by Sherry Christie

Author Sherry Christie

Author Sherry Christie

Roman images and artifacts surround me in the coastal Maine barn where I work.
Be welcome, Muse, and have a cup of tea!

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