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Who's Who in Roma Amor

A Novel of Caligula's Rome

by Sherry Christie

The Carinnas

MARCUS LICINIUS CARINNA Former broad-stripe tribune of the Fifteenth Legion

TITUS LICINIUS CARINNA Senator of Rome, his father

Antonia TERENTIA Marcus’s mother

NINA Marcus’s twin sister, wife of a provincial governor

PUBLIUS Carinna Marcus’s older brother (a suicide three years earlier)

PHORMIO Marcus’s paedagogus (childhood tutor and companion), a slave

TURTLE, NICANDER, JASON, RUFUS, CLEON, OLLIUS, DIO, et al. Other household members

The Caesars

*Gaius CAESAR (CALIGULA) Third and current Princeps of Rome

*AGRIPPINILLA Oldest of his three younger sisters

*DRUSILLA His middle (and favorite) sister, wife of Lepidus

*LIVILLA Youngest of Caligula’s sisters, once betrothed to Publius Carinna

*GEMELLUS Their cousin, Tiberius’s grandson (now Caligula’s adopted son)

*CLAUDIUS Their uncle

*M. Aemilius LEPIDUS Drusilla’s husband, patron of Marcus’s family

Other relatives of Caligula and his sisters

*GERMANICUS Caesar Their father, possibly murdered by Tiberius

*AGRIPPINA Their mother, died in exile

*NERO Caesar and *DRUSUS Caesar Their older brothers, murdered by Tiberius

*TIBERIUS Caesar Their great-uncle, the second Princeps

*AUGUSTUS Caesar Their great-grandfather, the first Princeps

*LIVIA (“the Augusta”) Their great-grandmother, wife of Augustus

*ANTONIA Their grandmother (Marcus Carinna’s great-great-aunt)

Other notable Romans

SAXA Commander of the Praetorian Special Cohort (the imperial intelligence service)

*Gaius SILIUS Marcus Carinna’s boyhood friend, now a magistrate

Lucius PERTINAX Son of a wealthy merchant from the Province

VARRO GALERIANUS A praetor of the Treasury, adopted son of Nina’s husband


AURIMA A junior priestess of Austro, a hostage in Rome

MAELO Her uncle and protector in Rome

ODO Her cousin, Maelo’s adolescent son

INGIOMAR Ironhand Aurima’s father, war chieftain of the Marcomanni and a sworn enemy of Rome

AMMISIA of the Quadi Aurima’s mother, murdered five years earlier

*MARBODO Aurima’s late great-uncle, previous king of the Marcomanni

COTTO, SEGOMO, BODICO, RAMIS, et al. Members of Aurima’s retinue in Rome

*HARMAN Leader of the Great Rebellion against Rome, killed by his enemies

*THUSNELDA His widow

*HERIBERHTO His son (formerly known as Thumelicus), raised by Flavus

*FLAVUS Harman’s Romanized brother

*ITALICUS Harman’s nephew, Flavus’s son

* Historical figures

What's the story?

Passing his family tomb as he rides home from the Danube frontier, Marcus Carinna hears a voice whisper, “Your turn, little brother.” Some unseen presence has also unsettled the Germanic hostage Aurima, whom he is escorting to Rome. But hardheaded Romans scoff at ghosts, and Marcus can’t believe it’s a warning from his older brother, who killed himself three years earlier.

Learn about the young Roman Empire’s darkest secret in Sherry Christie’s Roma Amor: A Novel of Caligula’s Rome. Available in print, ebook, and audiobook formats.

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