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Who's Who in Amber Road

A Novel of Love and Betrayal on the Roman Frontier

by Sherry Christie


MARCUS LICINIUS AQUILO (formerly Marcus Licinius Carinna) Once broad-stripe tribune of the Fifteenth Legion, son of the late Senator Titus Licinius Carinna

DIO His secretary, a freedman born in the family

CLEON Marcus’s chief bodyguard, a onetime gladiator

OLLIUS His other bodyguard, also a former gladiator

RUFUS His horse-boy, a mute Thracian slave

LEONNATUS of Narbo A wealthy Gallic trader in Carnuntum

*G. Calvisius SABINUS Governor of the province of Pannonia and its three legions

*Cornelia GALLA Sabinus’s wife, a cousin of Marcus’s father

L. Verginius PLACIDUS Senior surgeon of the Fifteenth Legion

POPPAEUS Legate commanding the Fifteenth Legion

Valerius SECUNDUS A narrow-stripe tribune of the Fifteenth Legion

Vatia GLABRIO A Special Cohort agent in Carnuntum

D. Aelius LAMIA Acting Special Cohort prefect for Rome’s northeastern provinces

SAXA Commander of the Praetorian Special Cohort (the imperial secret police) in Rome

*Gaius CAESAR (CALIGULA) Princeps of Rome

*AGRIPPINA Oldest of his three younger sisters

*DRUSILLA Caligula’s middle and favorite sister

*LIVILLA Youngest of Caligula’s sisters

*M. Aemilius LEPIDUS Drusilla’s husband; patron of Marcus’s family


AURIMA A junior priestess of Austro, recently a hostage in Rome

FRIDURIC Aurima’s brother

HELLE (Helewidis) Friduric’s wife

THANCMAR A miller, the older half-brother of Friduric and Aurima

AMMISIA of the Quadi Mother of Aurima, Friduric, and Thancmar, a priestess of Austro murdered six years earlier

INGIOMAR Ironhand Widower of Ammisia; Aurima’s and Friduric’s father

MAELO Ammisia’s brother; Ingiomar’s right-hand man

ODO Maelo’s adolescent son

*VANNIUS (Vannaz) King of the Marcomanni and Quadi

*VANGIO Vannius’s nephew

GISILA Vannius’s mother, the chief priestess of Austro

HROSWITHA Grandmother of Aurima and her siblings; a senior priestess of Austro

BERINHARD Lord of Grozhauga, a Quadi stronghold

CHLOTHAR Brother of Berinhard

* Historical figures

What's the story?

"Distant lightning flashed, faded, and flashed again. From the spine of the silvery horned beast grew a woman’s body, clad in dark robes. The green light glowed from a staff in her upraised hand. Petrified serpents, not hair, tangled on her head. Her face was horribly deformed, a black chaos of ruts and pustules. Light gleamed in lifeless eye-sockets shaped like tears." (Chapter 39)

Can a levelheaded Roman overcome the dark menace and magic of the Germanic wilderness? That’s the challenge Marcus Carinna confronts in Sherry Christie’s Amber Road: A Novel of Love and Betrayal on the Roman Frontier. Available in print, ebook, and audiobook formats.

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