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It was a shard of unglazed pottery, perhaps part of a broken dish. On one side she had scratched two words in sprawling, misshapen letters: TE AMO.”
(Chapter 24)

Amber Road

A Novel of Love and Betrayal on the Roman Frontier

SPRING, 38 AD. Far from the intrigues of Caligula’s Rome, a ramshackle settlement clings to the Danube bank near the legion fortress of Carnuntum. A young man paces the rutted streets, impatiently eyeing the forested wilderness across the river.

Disgraced after a treasonous attack that endangered the Princeps, Marcus Carinna sees one hope of redeeming his honor: to recover a legion’s sacred Eagle captured earlier by Germans. To succeed, he needs the help of his beloved, the bewitching and fearless Germanic priestess Aurima.

Aurima had promised to join him after winning support for his mission. But that was months ago. Has she abandoned him? Is she even alive, or dead at her brutal father’s hands? There’s only one way to find out—yet crossing into the barbarian Mark is to risk death among the hostile tribes.

When an imperial spymaster recruits him to retrieve captives who may know about the lost Eagle, Marcus jumps at the excuse to lead armed troops into the wilderness. But as his troops slog along the rutted track of the Amber Road, he will discover that he is not out of reach of his enemies’ vengeance—and that saving the woman he loves is going to demand more heart and will than he knew he possessed.

What readers and reviewers say about Roma Amor

The politics involved, the allegiances, the backstabbing, the loyalties…. Christie did a fabulous job bringing this time to life."
— The Book Junkie Reads

Right up there with some of my favorite authors in the same genre like Kate Quinn and Ben Kane. I loved it!"
— Bookfever

An epic story... filled with historical accuracy and vivid portraits of the brutality and duplicity of Roman life."
— Central Maine Newspapers

A complete page turner.... I found myself reading until two or three in the morning sometimes, unable to put it down."
— Historical Fiction Obsession

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